Our Founding Fathers Rejected
FREE TRADE And So Should We

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Ilan Alon, Ph.D

In his book, Unconstitutional, Roger Simmermaker advocates a brand of economic protectionism that dates back to the American forefathers. Showing unequivocally that many of America’s past Presidents and policymakers rejected the notion of free trade, in favor of beneficial trade, Mr. Simmermaker suggests that trade should happen when it does not hurt labor and environmental standards, and when it does provide products and services unavailable in the USA. Foreign companies do not contribute equally to the social and economic order of society and should, thus, not benefit in the same way. While I am a strong proponent of free trade, throughout the world, semi-regulated free trade, the current status quo, has led to America’s financing and subsidizing of other countries’ development, trade and employment.

Ilan Alon, Ph.D
Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Emerging Markets
Editor-in-Chief, European Journal of International Management